Whau Studios jewellery classes Auckland Dorothy de Lautour

Dorothy de Lautour endeavours to find a shared narrative or personal connection within the work she is making. Dot works predominantly with metal techniques such as etching and fold forming.

Whau Studios jewellery classes Auckland Ingrid van Heusden


Ingrid van Heusden draws on the idea of adornment as empowerment. She designs and creates jewellery that is reflective of the beauty within the natural world and the aesthetic of nature. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted.

Whau Studios jewellery classes Auckland Laura Jer

Laura Jer's practice is largely driven by metal manipulation, developing work through an intuitive experimental process. By pushing, pulling, folding and bending, Laura creates three-dimensionality from thin silver sheet.

Whau Studios jewellery classes Auckland Katelyn Nelson


Katelyn Nelson makes process-driven pieces that are explorations of material, texture and form. By juxtaposing different elements, she seeks to find excitement and balance in each creation.

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