Dorothy de Lautour

Dorothy de Lautour endeavours to find a shared narrative or personal connection within the work she is making. Dot works predominantly with metal techniques such as etching and fold forming and has most recently been working with titanium and niobium 

Ilse-Marie Erl

Feather Bangles, fine silver, 35mm wide.

Ilse-Marie Erl enjoys exploring the tactile qualities of pure silver and playing with rhythm and texture. 

Phillipa Gee

Teal short NL - Phillipa Gee_edited.jpg


Phillipa loves the making process and is thrilled that she has a profession where she gets to play and experiment.  She enjoys trying out the many techniques and materials that can be made into jewellery, and likes to incorporate colour, pattern and texture in her work.

Tracy Watson


Tracy draws her inspiration from her local natural surroundings. 

Her practice reflecting an awareness of her environment, often inspired by the wonderful Waitakere Ranges and surrounding West Coast beaches.

Laura Jer

Whau Studios jewellery classes Auckland Laura Jer

Laura Jer's practice is largely driven by metal manipulation. She uses an intuitive experimental process to create volume and depth from thin silver sheet.

Katelyn Nelson


Katelyn Nelson makes process-driven pieces that are explorations of material, texture and form. By juxtaposing different elements, she seeks to find excitement and balance in each creation.